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Musician and record producer Tim Miskimon is the heart and soul behind Basement Floor Productions. Tim has been in the music industry for more than 30 years, and is a talented instrumentalist, playing 12 instruments. Tim is also a professional songwriter and has written songs for bands, jingles for radio and TV, and more. (The rest below is from the current page, and Tim should delete anything that is incorrect or outdated/or update it. I have made recommendations below.)

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Working on new material for our live show. Working on new songs for a possible new CD.

Trey was born on August 20th, 2014 – 9.75 pounds – 22 inches long!!!

Kerri My Love” the song we danced to along with two other songs are now available for down load. Check them out on the MUSIC page.


Check out my interview with Derrick Miller of Hardrock Haven. It was a lot of fun – gave me a chance to remember some of the fun with Basement Floor. Click here to hear the interview.

The first Basement Floor album, BASEMENT FLOOR GREATEST HITS Volume One is available on CD. CDs are in stock and ready to ship. Click here for more information. Also available for down load at iTunes.com.

Some information about the BFGH re-issue.

The original tapes were in bad shape having been sitting in the boxes for over 20 years – they became sticky and simply would not play. I baked the tapes over a few week period & after many edits & splices I was able to get a near perfect transfer!

The original masters are 8-track tapes so some of the instruments share tracks. On some of the songs the drums were recorded to one track so the balance between kick, snare & cymbals could not be changed. Other than that I think the remixes went well – I was able to clean some stuff up through the wonders of digital audio. I was also able to bring out some instruments that were lost in the original mixes – on the original vinyl release.

The CD re-issue contains session notes as well as a few bonus tracks not available before. While searching the archives I found dozens of songs that were recorded by Basement Floor during the early to mid-80s. Most of these songs were never released. Many of these recordings were demos but the quality is pretty good & we plan on making the music available in some form in the future.


As of the now the Empire CD we’ve been working on has been shelved for time being. We do plan on finishing it at some point it the future but no release date has been set. At this point we have 6 songs nearly finished.


I’m still working on the solo project. I have posted 3 songs that will be on the solo CD on CDbaby.com.

Including Kerri My LoveTo Steal Away, & To Be With You.

They are now available for download.

I recently had a chance to record another song for my solo album. I spent a few weeks in November recording this song which features some orchestra arrangements that I’m pretty happy with. I plan on posting some of the new music here some time in 2012. (delete this or revise)

Since I love most types of music I have decided to put together a mellow CD of some of my favorite melodies I’ve written over the past 15 years or so. It will include some old & some new songs that I have been working on between the Empire & Sons Of Riley sessions. I’m hoping to have it out some time in 2011 – subject to change depending on how busy I get with Empire, Basement Floor & other ongoing projects. (delete this or revise)

At this point the project is about 75 % completed. It’s hard to find the time to finish this project and since I keep writing new songs I am not sure what will be on this CD. At this point I have about 50 songs to choose from.


Over the past few years I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Adam on a lot of his songs. He had decided long before meeting with me that he was going to record enough music to release an album of original music. We started working on songs back in 2006 and over the past years have recorded lots of really good music.

Adam is a singer/songwriter in the tradition of Neil Diamond – he draws most of his influences from the music of the 60s & 70s. That said his new self-titled CD is chock full of great songs with really good melodies.

You can check it out on this website or at www.adamrandy.com


Speed Limit 40 is a mix of old school rockers and high energy young band members. The goal of the group is to get some or all of our band members signed to a major label/band and tour. This CD is a tool to help them get there! A few of the members have already had offers but have not yet signed.

The new CD “THE GAME” is out and available at CDbaby.com.

Check it out – it has some great songs on it.


I spent many hours from May 2005 through March 2007 recording, mixing & editing music with The Bleu Lights. We recorded over 25 songs – 15 of which appear on their album “Romance Returns”. These songs are fantastic and so was everyone involved with the making of this great music. Six horn players, 2 guitar players (including a few cameos by me), a bass player, 2 keyboard players, 2 drummers, 6 singers, etc. It was lots of work and tons of laughs & loads of fun. The only sad moment was when the project was nearing completion Cory Brooks passed away. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with these guys over the past 15+ years, including mixing them at various live shows around Maryland. Check out their new CD “Romance Returns”. It’s a great CD to put on and snuggle up with your sweet heart.


Metal band Scarlet Angel is working on new material for a new CD release. We have recorded three new songs and if the rest of the music is as good as these songs the album is gonna be killer!

The Angel’s 2nd CD “Enter The Magic” is now available!


I also have enjoyed CO-producing & playing on the latest release by reggae artist Soldgie. It’s a great CD with a very positive message in the music. Soldgie recently signed a distribution deal with a label in the Netherlands!


It’s been very busy around here for the past few years and there is so much music being written and recorded! We have no plans to let up – After recording, mixing, & mastering the new Left Handed Capricorns CD, it is now available on their web site. Check them out – they play some great old time acoustic music, some of which was written in the late 1800s. They use some really great & quite old classic acoustic instruments – some of them dating back to the early 1900s. It’s was great fun working with them again.


In November I finished mixing a new CD by local bluegrass favorites – Jericho Bridge. They have some nice original tunes and also do some great versions of tunes by The Beatles & Pink Floyd. It was hard completing the CD after the passing of their banjo player & vocalist John Gorozdos. At the time of his death the band was scheduled to come back in the studio to finish tracking songs. They had plans to record a few more songs as well as re-do & touch up some that were recorded earlier in the year. We decided to mix the 13 songs as they were. The mixes turned out great & the CD was released in time for the Christmas season. John was a very talented musician as will be witnessed by his work on these sessions. I am very grateful that I got the chance to work with John. I am also very pleased that his fans will get to hear his last studio performances.


In January 2005 I worked with another heavy rock band – Fear 44 – they write some cool hard core modern rock. The CD was released in summer 2005 and it rocks! Look around – they may be coming to your town to rock your freakin’ socks off!

Fear 44 are planning a return to the studio in 2008 to record their next CD. I can’t wait to hear the new songs! (maybe delete this if it never happened. Are they still a band?)


I also had the great pleasure of playing guitar on a few tracks on the last two CDs by New York Jazz artists Cabo Frio. They write & play some great smooth Jazz. (It’s funny but I heard myself on the weather channel the other day & didn’t realize it was me ’til the song was over!) Speaking of Cabo Frio, the new Cabo Frio Cd ISLAND DANCE is out & available at a store near you on Kezia Records. The CD is receiving some nice exposure nationally.

Now it’s time to get back to work!

Best regards, Tim