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CD Title: Romance Returns

Music Style: R & B

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Song List

1. September Song

9. Come Over

2. Please Don't Change Me Now

10. Give Into Love

3. With You

11. Let Them Talk

4. I Love Your Face

12. Never Let Me Go

5. I've Been Looking At You

13. Starlight
6. Beautiful Girl 14. Let Nobody Love You

7. My Foolish Heart

15. September Song

8. Pledging My Love


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Romance Returns with The Bleu Lights in the Basement!

The song is everything. In this collection of Bleu Lights performances the underlying theme is romance. This CD contains romantic mood songs from 1938 through the twenty-first century. The Message is that a good song never grows old. Melody and lyrics of value are timeless!

Be sure to take a listen to samples above.

Milton A. Dugger, Jr., Executive Producer 2008






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