Eric Lewis Music

Eric Lewis is one of today’s modern rock bands. Over the years, we’ve worked with Eric on several of his CDs. Eric is currently living and working in West Virginia, but continues to work with Basement Floor Productions when it comes to mixing his CDs. Check out some of his music, and check out his web site.

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Artist: Eric LewisTitle: The Speed of LightMusic Style: Modern Rock
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Eric Lewis Speed CD

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      1. End of the World
2. Boundaries
      3. The Speed of Light
4. The Universe is Expanding
5. Timing
6. Down the Line
7. Can you Remember
8. Streams
9. Something we all need.
Artist: Eric LewisTitle: CLEARMusic Style: Modern Rock
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Clear Cover

1. Clear
2. Feel Free
      3. Been Around Momma
4. Wish
5. Timing
6. We Should Be Dancing
7. Love And War
8. Someone In This World
9. Rinky Dink
      10. You Can't Stop Love
Artist: Eric LewisTitle: Long Walk HomeMusic Style: Modern Rock
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Long Walk Home Cover

      1. Cheese
      2. Friends I Choose
3. Anytime
4. Read A Little More
5. Eleanor Rigby
6. Bury Me Standing
7. Let’s Go Mountaineers