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EMPIRE is emotional, popular sounding, yet uncompromising rock 'n' roll. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, the band is comprised of Tim Miskimon (principal songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards), Mark Miskimon (co-writer, alternate lead and backup vocals, drums), and Johnny Blade (lead and backing vocals, and guitar). Together they form a dedicated team of musicians focused on presenting their own style of music that is rich in vocal harmonies, aggressive guitar riffs, melodic bass lines, and powerful drumming. Inspired by the best elements of rock music, both old and new, EMPIRE'S material is demanding and distinctive.
EMPIRE brings to its audience one of the finest performances of high-energy live entertainment the genre has to offer.

Founded by brothers Tim and Mark Miskimon, EMPIRE, (originally named Basement Floor) has been a top rated East Coast act for over fifteen years. They've played thousands of clubs, concert halls, colleges, and outdoor arenas and opened for national acts throughout the United States. Their independently released debut CD "Driven By Rock" received major AOR airplay in several East Coast markets and has sold thousands of copies. EMPIRE has received considerable press, radio, and TV exposure, as well as winning numerous battle of the bands competitions. They consistently place high in many regional reader's polls. Their web site has received over 210,000 hits in the past year alone.

Tim and Mark began in music very young, creating and singing melodies. They learned to play different instruments proficiently. They were encouraged by their parents who started them out with an electric guitar and an organ, respectively. Southpaw Tim was given a right-handed guitar and to this day plays right-handed guitars upside down. Mark very quickly traded in the organ for a set of drums. Their musical influences include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bon Jovi to name just a few.

Tim is prolific as the principal songwriter for EMPIRE, having catalogued at least 900 songs. Attracted to music with a strong melodic content, Tim says his influences range "from metal to country, blues to classical, and anything in between as long as the melody's there."

Mark's steady, aggressive drumming gives EMPIRE'S songs a spirited consistency. On stage his sense of humor keeps things light and fun. Together with Tim, he's co-written and/or played on commercials and jingles for Pepsi, the American Red Cross, various cable TV programs, and news and sports themes for television and radio.
Mark and Tim are always working with one another, interchanging parts on different projects in their multi-track studio. Their instrumental and production contributions include country albums "Home For Me" by Lynn Smith, "Just Listen" by Bruce Houck, "Shut Up And Go" by Gatewood & Witte, rock CDs by Space Band, The Mirrors, The Melvin, Thee Katatonics, & Mike Parr, gospel CDs by Nacoe Brown, Carol D'Antoni, an R&B CD by Gaynell Colburn (percussionist for Stevie Wonder), a reggae CD by Soldgie (Rebel With A Cause), and two smooth Jazz CDs by Cabo Frio.

In addition to their work with EMPIRE Tim and Mark have released several other recordings including their first solo project titled "Sons Of Riley".
The Sons Of Riley CD, released in July, 2002 is chock full of AOR which received heavy airplay in several major markets around the East Coast of the USA throughout 2003.

Johnny Blade has been a stalwart of the local rock music scene in Maryland for the last 12 years. He played in several local cover bands in the early 1990s including acting as front man for his own band, "Blade Runner". Johnny joined up with Tim and Mark in September 1994. His main musical influences are Kiss, The Beatles, Ozzie Osborne, Randy Rhodes, and Steve Vai. His arrival gave an aggressive edge to an already lively and polished band. His musical skills have helped EMPIRE carry on the tradition of excellence they have achieved for over 15 years.

Active and engaging on stage, EMPIRE lives to play live rock 'n' roll. They consistently generate overwhelming audience response. "We're out to have a good time and to help people enjoy themselves," Tim said. "The best thing about our band is that we are all friends. We love what we are doing, we have fun and that comes across."

The long awaited 2nd album by EMPIRE was released on July 2, 2004 by Perris Records of Houston, Texas USA. The album is receiving great reviews in the USA as well as in many countries in Europe. A summer 2005 tour is planned in support of the new CD.
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February 2006