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Happy New Year To Everyone!

We're planning on spending the next few months in the studio recording new songs for our next CD release.



Mark and Tim are recording some new music. Reportly the new music has a country feel to it. Mark and Tim plan on playing more live shows in the near future so keep checking back.


Sons Of Riley started out as a solo project featuring songs recorded by Tim & Mark during 2001 & 2002. This was during the time when Tim & Mark were not performing live other then a few reunion shows with the Basement Floor band.

After a Basement Floor show in July, 2001, Tim & Mark along with lead guitarist John Derry decided to record a new BF album. They were in need of a bassist since long time BF bass player Elmer Oechsler decided not to carry things forward beyond the live reunion show. They employed John's brother-in-law Harry Jackson to play bass. By this time Tim & Mark had over 20 new songs in the can. As Basement Floor Tim, Mark, John, & Harry recorded 7 new songs & it was during this time that they decided to change the bands name to Sons Of Riley.

The seven new BF recordings along with six of Tim & Mark's solo recordings were joined together and that is what became the Sons Of Riley CD. The CD is basically a solo project by Tim & Mark along with a few songs written by John & Harry.

In the fall of 2003 John & Harry decided that they didn't want to continue performing live so everyone went their seperate ways. It was right around this time that Tim & Mark along with Johnny Blade returned to the studio to record a new Empire CD. Empire signed a record deal in May, 2004 with Perris Records and released the new CD titled LEECHES in July, 2004. (Click for more EMPIRE News).

The Sons Of Riley CD has received great reviews both in the USA as well as in Europe - so if you would like to pick up a copy before they are all gone now would be the time to click on one of the links below. Don't forget to pick up your copy.

The CD is also available at When you get there - type in Sons of Riley.

Thanks to Araminta Flegel and the whole crew at cable 10 in Frederick, MD for all their help in the production of our Studio 10 feature.

A big thank you to Kat Dickinson, for the nice review of our latest CD in the November, 2002 issue of the Music Monthly magazine.

Another big thank you to Damian & Michael at radio station 103.1 FM, WRNR in Annapolis, MD for having us on the radio. We had a great time!.

More thanks to Ed McBride at radio 89.7 FM, Baltimore for playing "A Simple Way" on his Sunday "Reflections Of Ireland" radio show.

. For all of our fans outside of Maryland, USA, please go to to make your purchase. To purchase T-shirts, clocks, & other items please click on Merchandise for more information.


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